Student Accounts

As a student, your instructor may have provided you with a CourseID and Account. You can access your assigned populations by launching CGS and entering this information when prompted.

If you have already performed crosses within CGS, use the password assigned to you when you first logged in to retrieve your saved organisms. Only your instructor can recover lost or forgotten passwords.

If you do not have a CourseID or Account, click the launch link above to investigate the practice populations or create your own population.

Instructor manual and example course material - A comprehensive manual and other materials are available to instructors who have an account.  Click the "Instructor Resources" link from within CGS to access this material. Please send an email to info at cgslab dot com for additional information or have any questions. Feedback is always welcome.

Request an Instructor Account

Please note: Instructor accounts are not issued to students

Some areas of CGS are free and do not require that you have an account. An instructor account allows you to customize CGS for your course:

  • Create populations for your course with specific or randomized genetic properties
  • Select from a long list of basic and advanced genetics options for your populations
  • Track the progress of your students
  • Students can save their work
  • You and your students have unlimited access your CGS populations from any computer


Instructors who are interested in using CGS for their course may request an instructor account by completing the form below. As a new instructor, you will be issued an account with one month of unlimited access so you may evaluate the software. After this trial period, you can renew your license on a semester or yearly basis. Click here for more information.