Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions described below shall govern all use of the software available on the Classical Genetics Simulator website (CGS).


1. Privacy


By using CGS you agree to the conditions that are outlined in the CGS Privacy Policy, which explains how student and instructor data is collected, used, and stored by CGS. At any time, an instructor may request permanent deletion of the data for his or her course. For this, please contact us by email.

CGS is designed to be used by instructors and students in higher education and AP Biology courses. Via the account settings, instructors have control over whether or not students are asked to provide their names to the software. CGS does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age. In the case that it is discovered that a child under 13 has provided personal information to the software or website it will be immediately deleted from the servers.


2. Copyright


The CGS website and software are copyright © 2008 - 2021 Ben Adamczyk.


3. License to use CGS


Some of the features in the CGS software do not require a paid license or login credentials. Examples include the population builder tool and practice populations. CGS also offers instructors the ability to create custom populations for students to investigate. For this, a paid license is required and account credentials are issued to the course instructor. A single license can be shared among a team of instructors who are affiliated with a course (for example, professors and teaching assistants).

Instructors may

  • Create accounts that students can log into
  • Define populations and genetic properties for the organisms that students will investigate
  • Monitor the progress of students
  • View example course materials
  • Take screenshots and videos of the software as needed to describe an assignment. Such materials can be distributed to students, shared with other instructors, and posted online as long as they do not contain account credential information.

  • Students may
  • View the populations that were configured by his or her instructor
  • Perform crosses and analyses with the organisms associated with each population
  • Save and load progress as needed
  • Take screenshots and videos of the software as needed to complete an assignment

    4. License Conditions for Instructors


    Instructors may request an instructor account by completing the registration form at Instructor accounts are not issued to students. New instructor accounts may be issued with a free trial period. After the trial period has ended, the instructor will be required to renew the account to continue using the features of the software that require a paid license. If an instructor account has expired, access to most features will be unavailable for the instructor and all associated students.

    Instructors may purchase a license to use CGS at Licenses are issued in six month increments (6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, etc.). For a single semester or term, a 6-month license is typically appropriate. When a license is purchased for an account that is currently active, the expiration date is extended from the account expiration date. When a license is purchased for an account that is expired, the expiration date is extended from the date that the license was purchased. It is also possible to purchase a license with a different start date (a date other than the purchase date). For this, please contact us by email.

    In addition to a time period, each license has a maximum number of students per 6-month period. License costs vary depending on the number of students who will be accessing CGS within each 6-month period that the license is active. If you have purchased a license but later find that you have more students than your license supports, please contact us by email to ensure that your students do not lose access to the software.

    License fees are listed on the following page:


    5. Payments and Refunds


    Online payments for license renewals are handled securely by PayPal. A credit card is needed to make a payment, but a PayPal account is not required. CGS does not have view or store any sensitive credit card information (full credit card number or expiration date) when payments are made through the website. Payment by check is also available. For this, please contact us by email. Payment by other means is not possible at this time.

    Receipts are automatically sent by email when payments are made online. Invoices are available upon request.

    In most cases, the six month license interval (described above) will extend beyond the time that a course will require CGS. Refunds are not issued for partial use of a license. For example, if CGS is used for two months a refund will not be issued for the remaining four months.

    If you are not happy with CGS and would like to request a refund, please contact us by email.


    6. Unacceptable Use


    The following is not permitted:

  • Accessing a student or instructor account that was not assigned to you
  • Posting login credentials online
  • Posting of screenshots online which contain login credentials
  • Sharing of login credentials with an instructor who is not associated with your institution
  • Providing access to more students than the purchased license supports
  • Use that in any way causes damage to the website or impairs performance for other users
  • Use that is in any way unlawful, fraudulent, or harmful
  • Storing or transmitting spyware, computer viruses, or other malicious computer software
  • Injection or attempt to inject any software code into the CGS website or software
  • Data collection activities. Examples include scraping, data mining, data extraction, and data harvesting
  • Use of CGS by automated means or by any means other than manually through the use of a web browser

  • Instructors are responsible for any activity on CGS that arises out of any failure to keep password information confidential.


    7. Third Party Websites


    CGS includes hyperlinks to other websites that are owned and operated by third parties. CGS is not responsible for the content on third party sites and accepts no responsibility for them.


    8. Updates to Terms


    These terms and conditions were last updated in January 2021. They may be updated periodically and older versions will not be available on the CGS website. We recommend that you consider saving a copy of these terms for future reference.