Lindsley & Grell, 1972, p. 169
location: 3-0.0 (order with ru and ve not tested).
origin: Spontaneous.
discoverer: Di Pasquale, 501.
references: 1951, DIS 25: 70. 1952, Rend. Ist. Lombardo Sci. Lettere, Ser. B 85: 1-8.
phenotype: Wing cells contain groups of 2-5 hairs instead of one hair per cell as in wild type. Transplants of mutant wing disks to wild-type hosts develop autonomously (Ursprung and Hadorn, 1962, Develop. Biol. 4: 40-60). RK1.
cytology: Salivary chromosomes apparently normal.
color figure: P. A. Otto (original)
b & w figure: Left: wild type. Right: mwh. A. Di Pasquale, unpublished
photograph: P. A. Otto (original)