Lindsley & Grell, 1972, pp. 95-96
location: 2-81.
origin: Spontaneous.
discoverer: Schultz, 31d1.
phenotype: Tarsi four instead of five jointed. Legs short and stocky. Enhanced by ssa and ssaB (Villee, 1945, Genetics 30: 26-27). Development similar to that of dachs [Waddington, 1943, J. Genet. 45: 29-43 (fig.)]. Wings shorter, broader, with crossveins conspicuously closer together; veins diverge at greater angle. Effect visible in prepupal wing (Waddington, 1940, J. Genet. 41: 75-139). Eyes smaller, ellipsoid, coarse textured; head foreshortened. RK2.
color figure: P. A. Otto (original)
b & w figure: Second and third legs. Edith M. Wallace, unpublished