Lindsley & Grell, p. 281
location: 1-0.0.
origin: Spontaneous.
discoverer: E. M. Wallace, lla.
references: Morgan and Bridges, 1916, Carnegie Inst. Wash. Publ. No. 237: 27.
phenotype: Body color yellow; hairs and bristles brown with yellow tips. Wing veins and hairs yellow. Tyrosinase formed in adults (Horowitz). For the most part, y is autonomous in mosaics; i.e., a fly may show both yellow and nonyellow tissue; however, over limited distances there is some nonautonomy [Hannah, 1953, J. Exptl. Zool. 123: 523-60 (fig.)]. Larval setae and mouth parts yellow to brown, hence distinguishable from the dark brown of wild type (Brehme, 1937, Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol. Med. 37: 578-80; 1941, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U-S. 27: 254-61). RK1.
cytology: Placed in region lA5-8 on basis of its being carried by the XD3P element of T(1;3)sc260-20 = T(1;3)lA8-Bl;61Al-2 and by Dp(1;f)sc260-227 = Df(1;f)lA8-Bl;19F, but not being lost from Df(1)260-5 = Df(1)lA4-5 (Sutton, 1943, Genetics 28: 210-17).
color figure: P. A. Otto (original)
photograph: P. A. Otto (original)