Lindsley & Grell, 1972, pp. 230-231
location: 1-21.0.
origin: Spontaneous.
discoverer: Mohr, 18j5.
references: 1922, Z. Induktive Abstammungs-Vererbungslehre 28: 1-22 (fig.). Bender, 1960, Genetics 45: 867-83 (fig.).
phenotype: Bristles twisted and shortened. Hairs wavy. Female sterile. Bender (1960) finds that, in ovaries of sterile sn female, vitellogenesis is retarded and eggs never develop beyond stage 13. Mohr (1922) reported that eggs laid are short and have flattened filaments. sn heterozygous with fertile alleles is fertile; sn heterozygous with sterile alleles of sn is sterile. RK1.
cytology: Demerec and Sutton place locus between 7C4-5 and 8C1-2 (Demerec, Kaufmann, Fano, Sutton, and Sansome, 1942, Carnegie Inst. Wash. Year Book 41: 191). Hannah-Alava places it in 7D1-2.
other information: The singed locus is divided into three recombinationally different sites (Ives and Noyes, 1951, Anat. Record 111: 565; Hexter, 1955, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S. 41: 921-25; 1957, Genetics 42: 376). sn occupies right site. Some of the double mutants synthesized by Hexter and studied by Bender (1960).
color figure: P. A. Otto (original)
b & w figure: Mohr, 1922, Z. Induktive Abstammungs-Vererbungslehre 28: 1-22.