Lindsley & Grell, 1972, p. 245
location: 4-3.0 [in diplo-4 triploids (Sturtevant, 1951, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S. 37: 405-7)].
origin: Spontaneous.
discoverer: Bridges, 20k14.
references: Morgan, Bridges, and Sturtevant, 1925, Bibliog. Genet. 2: 235 (fig.). Bridges, 1935, Biol. Zh. (Moscow) 4: 401-20.
phenotype: Bristles reduced, somewhat variably. Trichogen irregularly displaced and usually partly converted to socket (Lees and Waddington, 1942, DIS 16: 70). sv/sv/sv triplo-4 nearly normal. sv haplo-4 extreme shaven (Schultz, 1935, Am. Naturalist 69: 30-54). Expression depends on temperature: excellent at l9oC, overlaps wild type at 25o, and entirely wild type at 30o. RK2.
cytology: Placed in region between 102E2 and 102F10, on basis of its inclusion in Df(4)11 = Df(4)102E2-10;102F2-10.
color figure: P. A. Otto (original)
b & w figure: Morgan, Bridges and Sturtevant, 1925, The Genetics of Drosophila, Bibliog. Genet. 2: 1-262 (original drawn by Edith M. Wallace)
photograph: P. A. Otto (original)