Lindsley & Grell, 1972, p. 194
location: 2-100.5.
discoverer: Bridges, l4h20.
references: Bridges and Morgan, 1919, Carnegie Inst. Wash. Publ. No. 278: 251 (fig.). Morgan, Bridges, and Sturtevant, 1925, Bibliog. Genet. 2: 212 (fig.), 233.
phenotype: Wings have network of extra veins, especially toward tips and margins; L4 bent near tip. Semidominant with some Minutes. Suppressed by S (Bedichek, 1936, DIS 5: 24). Venation effect caused by inadequate contraction of wing during pupal stage, leaving spaces between epithelial layers (Waddington, 1940, J. Genet. 41: 75-139). RK1.
cytology: Placed in 58F, on basis of its inclusion in Df(2R)M-1 = Df(2R)57F11-58A1;58F8-59A1 and Dp(2;3)P from T(2;3)P = T(2;3)58E3-F2;60D14-E2;96B5-C1 [Bridges, 1937, Cytologia (Tokyo), Fujii Jub. Vol. 2: 745-55].
color figure: P. A. Otto (original)
b & w figure: Edith M. Wallace, unpublished